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Neuchâtel, part of Romandy, the French-speaking western Switzerland, is the 15th largest canton (out of 26) with 800km2 (198,000 acres), and extends from southwest to northeast along the Jura range. It shares a border with France and is parallel to and east of Burgundy. Home to most of Switzerland’s famous watch making industry, it is part of what is called the Three Lakes Region of Switzerland, which includes Lake Neuchâtel, Lake Biel and Lake Murten. Its vineyards are located along the shore of Lake Neuchâtel on a 20 miles stretch of southeast facing slopes.

It produces beautiful, light but crisp Chasselas, as well as quality Pinot Noir that are less earthy and fruitier than their counterparts from Valais. And, of course, it makes its famous Oeil-de-Perdrix (eye of the partridge), a dry rosé of Pinot Noir that is significantly darker in color than the traditional French rosé, and also much fuller-bodied and complex. Unlike a light rosé that makes for a perfect sipping wine, an Oeil-de-Perdrix is a serious food wine.


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